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 Galaxy Z Fold5 [SM-F946U]

 Galaxy Z Fold5 [SM-F946B] 

 Galaxy Z Fold 4 [SM-F936U]

 Galaxy Z Fold 4 [SM-F936B] 

 Galaxy Z Fold 3 [SM-F926U]

 Galaxy Z Fold 3 [SM-F926B]

 Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G [SM-F916U]

 Galaxy Z Flip5 5G [SM-F731B]

 Galaxy Z Flip5 [SM-F731U]

 Galaxy Z Flip 4 [SM-F721U]

 Galaxy Z Flip 4 [SM-F721B]

 Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G [SM-F711U] 

 Galaxy S23 Ultra [SM-S918U] 

 Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G [SM-S918B]

 Galaxy S23 Plus 5G [SM-S916U]

 Galaxy S23 Plus 5G [SM-S916B]

 Galaxy S23 5G [SM-S911B] 

 Galaxy S23 [SM-S911U]

 Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G [SM-S908U] 

 Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G [SM-S908E]

 Galaxy S22 Plus 5G [SM-S906U]

 Galaxy S22 [SM-S901E] 

 Galaxy S22 5G [SM-S901U]

 Galaxy S21 Ultra [SM-G998U]

 Galaxy S21+ Plus [SM-G996U] 

 Galaxy S21 5G [SM-G991U] 

 Galaxy S21 FE [SM-G990U2]

 Galaxy S21 FE [SM-G990U]

 Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G [SM-G988U]

 Galaxy S20+ Plus [SM-G986U]

 Galaxy S20 5G [SM-G981U]

 Galaxy S20 FE 5G [SM-G781U/SM-G781V]

 Galaxy S10+ Plus [SM-G975U] 

 Galaxy S10 [SM-G973U]

 Galaxy S10E [SM-G970U]

 Galaxy S9+ [SM-G965U]

 Galaxy S9 [SM-G960U]

 Galaxy S8 Active [SM-G892U/SM-G892A]

 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G [SM-N986U]

 Galaxy Note 20 5G [SM-N981U] 

 Galaxy Note10 Plus [SM-N975U]

 Galaxy Note10 [SM-N970U]

 Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra [X900X]

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